Steve's North Seattle studio is amply equipped with quality recording hardware and software, as well as a variety of stringed instruments and amplifiers. Steve uses the highest quality cables and short, pristine signal paths.

Besides being a highly skilled recording engineer, Steve is an accomplished musician whose performing talents have distinguished many of his interactive media compositions.

Recording hardware:

Mogami, Monster Studio grade microphone and patch cables

Pro Tools recording software

Black Lion audio modified Digidesign 002 Rack audio interface

Black Lion Audio Sparrow MKII White A/D converter

RME Fireface 800 audio interface

Apogee PSX-100 audio interface 

Dangerous D-Box summing mixer

Langevin/Manley Dual Vocal Combo mic pre, limiter and equalizer

Manley Duel Microphone Preamplifier

Grace Design 101 microphone preamplifier

Demeter VTMB-2B 2 channel tube microphone pre-amp

Manley Stereo Variable-MU limiter compressor


Grelly custom six string guitar, TV Jones pickups

Custom electric baritone guitar, Lindy Fralin split blade pickups

1980 Les Paul Custom  electric guitar 

1965 Gibson ES-175 electric guitar

1979 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

Ransom custom Strat-style  electric guitar, Lindy Fralin split blade pickups

Gibson WM-45 six string acoustic guitar

Fender Jazz electric bass guitar

Dean 8 string electric bass

Steinberger 5 string electric bass, Aero pickups

Wechter 6 string "Nashville tuning"  acoustic guitar

Blueridge 12 string acoustic guitar

Kala 4 string tenor ukelele

Hawaaian custom built 6 string tenor ukelele

Kentucky 8 string mandolin


65 Amps Producer EL guitar amp

65 Amps Lil' Elvis guitar amp

1964 Fender Concert guitar amp

1963 Gibson Ranger guitar amp

TC Electronics BG-250 bass amp